OxyBAC Antimicrobial Foam Hand Wash 1 Litre

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Contains Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide - Patented biocidal technology that provides broad spectrum antimicrobial activity killing up to
99.999% of many common bacteria and 99.99% of many common yeast and viruses when used as directed.

Passes EN1499 - Passes EN1499 in 30 seconds with 1.5ml of product. This is the European standard in vivo bactericidal test for hand wash disinfectants and antiseptics.

Skin Hypoallergenic - Dermatologist tested to verify and confirm this product has very low allergenic potential.

Rich-Cream Foam - Excellent skin feel properties both during and after use.

Suitable for food facilities - Product has been independently evaluated and trace amounts of the product are not expected to cause any adverse toxicological effects. Food handlers should use product only in accordance with label instructions and product should not come directly into contact with food or items that contain food. Certified by HACCP International.

Suitable for healthcare workers - Meets all biocidal requirements to be used in a healthcare environment.

Excellent skin cleansing - Specifically formulated to provide an effective physical cleaning action for use in all food industry environments where greasy hands are encountered.

Convenient, quick and easy - Dispenses foam on the hands which is instantly ready for washing and quick & easy rinsing from hands and sinks.

Contains skin conditioners - Helps to prevent drying and leave the skin feeling smooth after use.

Excellent cost in use - Highly economical, only two doses required to provide effective hand cleansing. Provides over 30% more washes and uses 36% less product compared to lotion soap.

Reduces water consumption - Can save up to 45% on water consumption compared to lotion soaps.

Hygienic Cartridge - The cartridge and patented foam pump are ultrasonically sealed during the manufacturing process to prevent air ingress into the cartridge during normal use, thus minimising the risk of external contamination.

A highly effective, perfume-free and dye-free broad spectrum antimicrobial foam hand wash. Contains Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide to clean hands and kill 99.999% of many common bacteria and 99.99% of many common yeast and viruses when used as directed. For general use hand washing in food, catering & healthcare environments, or any other workplace, social care or public facility where a high level of hand hygiene is required.

  • 1429 shots per 1 litre.

For use with OxyBac Dispenser (CC0869).

Looking to order a full case? Simply add 6 to your order (6 x 1L)

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