Laundry Sacks & Trolleys

Laundry Sacks and Trolleys

Laundry sacks are a discreet way of moving dirty and clean laundry around without causing embarrassment or obstructing a person’s privacy. Brosch Direct can help you out no matter how big your load is with the option to buy linen bags and trolleys. Depending on the size of your business, you can invest in a double or triple linen trolley to avoid injury through carrying large loads. Linen trolleys also help to speed jobs up, as you won’t have to make so many trips. The laundry bags are manufactured in heat set polyester fabric to make sure they can stand the test of time and maintain their colour and quality.

If you’re dealing with a quarantined area where contamination is possible, you will need Dissolvo laundry bags. Brosch Direct’s Dissolve laundry bags mean you don’t have to remove items of clothing prior to washing as the laundry bags give way at the seams once they reach 60ºC. These laundry bags prevent cross contamination and come as either red or clear depending on what your personal preference is.

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