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Drug Administration

Drug Administration

If you are looking for medicine administration products, Brosch Direct stock a wide selection of products for you to choose from including pots, pill dispensers, pill crushers and splitters.

Brosch Direct’s wax coated medicine pots have tightly rolled edges for the best rigidity and hold up to 28ml. The paper medicine pots are disposable by maceration ensuring the highly sterile environment in the hospital. For more accurate measurements for liquid medicines you need to buy the graduated medicine measures that are certified as accurate to make dispensing medicines easier.

The pill crushers that Brosch Direct stocks are sturdy and helpful at making the pills a powder. There is also a pill splitter if you need to accurately halve or quarter dosages. We also stock 7-day pill boxes and an economy week day pill dispenser which is ideal for people of high dosages of various tablets each day.

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