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All You Need Is Gloves - Hand Hygiene 101

Sep 12 2018, 09:43 AM

We believe that food and hand hygiene should be of the utmost importance, and while there are many instances in which germs can be present, we feel you should be aware of when, where and how to stop these microbes spreading.

We’ve developed a magazine – All You Need Is Gloves, that’s aimed at ensuring you’re up to speed.

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Do you know the facts around food and hand hygiene?
The magazine aims to educate you on the types of germs there are and where you could encounter them. It takes a look at the how handling money could expose you to a multitude of germs and offers simple hints and tips on the steps you can take to prevent spreading germs.

A survey included in the magazine presented some interesting results into individual hygiene habits. It was revealed that 54% of people said they would be put off buying food in a restaurant if the serving area was dirty, while 59% said they pay attention to whether the person preparing it is wearing gloves, when buying fast food.

Our magazine is filled with stats and advice to help you and your family and you can find it here. Why not join the conversation, use the hashtag #GloveIsAllYouNeed.

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