Evans Chemicals

Evans Chemicals

Evans Vanodine has been developing and manufacturing consistent, efficient, and cost-effective cleaning and hygiene products for over 100 years.

Produced to a high standard, Evans products give you extra confidence in your infection control routine. As a market leading manufacturer with cleaners and disinfectants suitable for every room - You’ll discover a product perfect for the job at hand!

Colour Coded Super Concentrate Range

The Evans e:dose range delivers products easily and economically in a simple, colour coordinated system that covers all significant sections of the daily cleaning schedule.

These super concentrate cleaning products have been formulated by selecting highly effective ingredients and combining them with clean, fresh perfumes to provide exceptional cleaning performance with a refreshing fragrance. The range also includes two unperfumed products for areas where fragrance is not appropriate.

1 litre bottle provides up to 100 trigger spray bottles or 50 5 litre buckets of solution.

Product Guidance & Training Videos

Evans offer an extensive range of product guidance and training videos to help you decide which product is right for you. Below is just a small selection, for the full range of videos click here

Evans Low Impact Rating - Look for the Greentick Range

Every Evans  product is analysed using the W.E.I.R. system and awarded a score for each of the 7 criteria. The lower the overall score for each product, the lower the impact on the environment. Products which achieve a low impact rating are identified by a green tick logo on the label.

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