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Content Guidelines

Submitting Questions

You are encouraged to ask any product related question that helps you with your buying decision. Here are a few of the most important principles to keep in mind when submitting a question:

  • You are most likely to get an accurate and useful response if you are specific, clear, and concise in asking questions.
  • Avoid profanity, and do not post contact information (email addresses, phone numbers, etc.), URLs, time-sensitive material or alternative ordering information.
  • Avoid questions about non-product related issues such as service and support, resellers, shipping, sales policies, or other topics not directly related to the product. Q&A is a place for asking questions about the product's features or functionality.
  • If a question is deemed unsuitable, irrelevant or in breach of submission guidelines, Brosch Direct reserve the right to remove the question from the website and no further discussion will be entered into. The decision of Brosch Direct is final.


Product Support Questions

Because the goal of Q&A is to help our visitors make informed buying decisions, it is not the right place for product support types of questions. If you have questions relating to product support, please contact customer services.


When Your Question will be Posted

Questions will typically be posted on our site within 1 business day after they are received.

If your submission is not visible within 1 business day, it was probably not posted due to a violation of our guidelines. In these cases, we encourage you to review our terms & conditions and resubmit an updated version of your question.


Following a Question Submission

We aim to respond to all questions within 1 business day from when it has been posted.

If opted in to receive an email notification when your question has been answered you will receive this via the email address provided on submission.


By submitting a question to our Q&A you are agreeing to these content guidelines.

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