Bin Liners

Bin Liners

Brosch Direct stocks bin liners for all sorts of purposes. If you have medical bins we have the square bags you’ll need and likewise if you are getting rid of dangerous materials and messy products you’ll need our heavy duty refuse sacks. If you’re just looking for bin liners for office bins there are also bags for swing bins, waste bins and kitchen waste bins - there’s a bin liner for everyone.

We state clearly on our description the measurements of the bin liners so check before you order. The bin liners come in packs as big as 1000 (a case of 10x100) but you can also buy your standard roll of 40 if you’re not looking to bulk buy.

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Pedal Bin Liners

Code: CD5125
Pack of 100
£0.69 ex VAT
(£0.83 inc VAT)

Heavy Duty Pedal Bin Liners

Code: CD5131
Roll of 50
£0.99 ex VAT
(£1.19 inc VAT)

Swing Bin Liners

Code: CD5115
Pack of 100
£1.09 ex VAT
(£1.31 inc VAT)

Heavy Duty Swing Bin Liners

Code: CD5118
Roll of 50
£2.19 ex VAT
(£2.63 inc VAT)

Square Bin Liner Medium Duty

Code: CD5121
Pack of 100
£2.19 ex VAT
(£2.63 inc VAT)

Scented Pedal Bin Liners/Inco Pad Bags

Code: CD0001
Roll of 40
£0.95 ex VAT
(£1.14 inc VAT)

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