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Katrin is a partner in sustainable hygiene solutions for public and commercial washrooms as well as wiping in industrial workplaces.

Their paper products meet the needs of different customer segments including cleaning companies, offices, industrial production, hospitals, schools and restaurants. Their solutions are also safe, smart and functional and consist of tissue paper products, soaps, dispensers, and special wiping products.

The Katrin paper range is produced by Metsä Tissue which is part of Metsä Group - a responsible and sustainable Finnish forest industry group operating worldwide.

Katrin Paper

Katrin sustainable paper hand towels are available in four different folds and created using recyclable paper.

Katrin also have a wide range of sustainable toilet paper products, which are suitable for different types of traffic areas. Whether you are looking for toilet paper for a high traffic public toilet or a lower traffic toilet, you can find the right solution from our selection.

Katrin paper hand towels and toilet paper are divided into three different grades Katrin Basic, Katrin Classic and Katrin Plus. Katrin Basic is suitable for standard paper demands, Katrin Classic for daily usage and Katrin Plus is a high quality paper hand towel suitable for the most demanding users.​

Katrin Hand Hygiene

At workplaces related to food processing and health care, hygiene is of utmost importance. With Katrin Soap and Sanitisers you can find a wide selection that are both effective and kind to the skin.​

  • Effective, mild and eco-friendly liquid and foam soaps which are very kind to the skin.
  • 80,8 % alcohol mild, skin-friendly hand disinfectant.
  • Dermatologically tested & approved.


Katrin is a certified member of Nordic Ecolabel- the purpose of the Nordic Ecolabel is to reduce the overall environmental footprint. Katrin products are manufactured with only 100% traceable materials and 90% renewable energy, and for every tree felled, 4 new seedlings are planted.

In terms of climate, when you choose a Nordic ecolabel product, you help reduce environmental impact, and you can be sure that your chosen product is amongst the best in category.

Katrin provide hygiene solutions with a clean & green approach- everything they do, they do it in a clean & green way.

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