Water Distillers/Consumables

Water Distillers/Consumables

Eliminate the cost and inconvenience of buying bottle water by purchasing a water distiller. Brosch Directs water distillers use the most effective method of water purification; distillation. Water is boiled, killing bacteria and viruses, then vaporised to separate out minerals, lead, bacteria, nitrates and other contaminants.  The vapour is then condensed back into liquid form that is 99.9 percent pure.

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Crystal Medic® Purified Water

Crystal Medic® Purified Water
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What is the difference between Distilled and Purified Water?

There are no real differences between Distilled and Purified water other than the process the water went through to reach purification. Distilled water goes through distillation while purified water goes through other processes such as reverse osmosis, ion exchange, Ozonation, sand filtration, etc.

Which water shall I use?

A misconception is Distilled water is best used in equipment such as irons, coffee machines, medical equipment etc because of its lack of minerals. However purified water also contains virtually no minerals so works just as well as distilled water. In the end the answer is really up to you!

Why is distilled water more expensive than purified water?

Distilled water costs more because of the energy required to boil the water and remove impurities.

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