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The Definitive List Of Cleaning Supplies

Nov 20 2017, 15:13 PM

Whether you run a cleaning business, are looking into starting one, or just need to restock your cupboard with new cleaning supplies, this list can help you decide what to buy.

This is our definitive list of cleaning supplies - perfect for replenishing any items you might be running low on, or upgrading if your current kit isn’t quite getting the job to the standard you expect.

Take a look through our checklist and make sure you have all of these to hand.

Cleaning Products List:

Office cleaning

Floor cleaning

If you are cleaning hardwood flooring you will need certain supplies. Mixing warm water with washing up liquid will do the trick to get most of the dirt up - this can be done with a mop and bucket. Once the floor is dry you can then vacuum and get all the last bits of dirt cleaned up.

Kitchen cleaning

All purpose cleaner should be used on the countertops and hard surfaces around a kitchen. But if you are cleaning marble or granite sides then you are better off using only washing up liquid and warm water.

Baking soda, a sponge and a little bit of white vinegar is the perfect combination for cleaning a stainless steel sink. If you are ever unsure about using certain cleaning products such as oven cleaners you should check the manufacturer's directions on the product itself.

Bathroom cleaning

When removing grout from the floor and tiles you should use a grout brush. All-purpose cleaners can be used on sinks and other hard surfaces around the bathroom.

Bedroom and living room cleaning

Glass cleaner is great for window cleaning. A top tip for cleaning windows is to use newspaper instead of paper towels or a cloth because it prevents streaking. A lint roller is good for delicate surfaces like pillows and an extendable duster for those hard to reach areas.

Certain things will require more delicate and special cleaning. You should consider using these products below:
Using our range of Evans and Diversey concentrated chemicals could be saving you money. They are high quality and affordable cleaning products that are great for the environment and your budget due to requiring small amounts of time whilst still offering you the same excellent cleaning standards.

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