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How To Remove Disposable Gloves

Nov 23 2017, 16:17 PM

The removal of gloves may appear to be a simple task. However, when working in environments where cross contamination must be avoided and infection is a risk, it’s important the correct removal procedures are carried out.

Whether you work with chemicals, assist patients on a day-to-day basis who may be at risk of infection or work in sterile environments, it’s important the correct care is practiced. Cross contamination can be fatal; something as simple as touching a surface with contaminated hands or getting a harmful substance on your skin can cause serious issues.

Here we will break down, step-by-step, how to safely remove disposable gloves and what to check for while doing so.

How To Remove Gloves

Step 1 - Do Not Snap Gloves

While removing gloves, the material may be pulled taught - be careful not to let it snap back. This could spray contaminated substances into the environment and increase the risk of cross contamination and infection. 

Step 2 - Grasp The Palm Of The Gloves On One Hand

Using one of your gloved hands, use this to grasp the glove material on the palm of the other hand. Ensure the material does not turn over and touch your skin, grasp it and pull away from your wrist.

Step 3 - Pull The Material Away From Your Wrist

As you pull the glove material towards your fingers, ensure it is turning inside out on itself. This will keep any substances inside the gloves and away from your skin. 

Step 4 - Carefully Scrunch The Material Into A Ball, Using Your Gloved Hand

Gently scrunch the now removed glove and hold this in your gloved hand. Be careful not to drop this or place it on a work surface. Ensure it is still inside out to avoid any substances dripping onto the work surface or floor.

Step 5 - Use Your Index Finger to Remove The Second Glove

Take your index finger, then push this under the cuff of the second glove, careful not to touch the outside and only the skin inside the glove. Gently push the glove material towards your fingers, turning it inside out and over the balled up glove in your hand. Your fingers should only be touching the inside of the second glove.

Step 6 - Dispose Of The Gloves

Immediately dispose of the gloves in the waste bin to ensure the correct procedure for the disposal of PPE. Do not place them down anywhere on the way or take too long to remove them.

Step 7 - Wash Your Hands

It’s very important that you now wash your hands thoroughly. Follow this guide and ensure they are clean and the risk of cross contamination or infection is reduced.

Tips For Removing Disposable gloves

Here are some top tips for when you have to remove your disposable gloves:
When you or your staff are wearing and removing disposable gloves, it’s a good idea to have regular training in place that ensures everyone is on the same page and that can significantly reduce the risk of people getting this wrong.

While it may seem harmless, the incorrect removal and disposal of gloves could lead to serious cross contamination issues - that not only put people at risk but the business itself too for not carrying out proper health and safety protocol.

Read our guide on how to correctly put on gloves here, to ensure you are carrying out the correct technique from the start.

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