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End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist

Mar 07 2018, 12:31 PM

Download your End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist here

You’ve handed in your notice on your tenancy and you’re ready to move on to your new home - but now you have to tackle the big end of tenancy clean.

Brosch Direct have put together this helpful end of tenancy cleaning checklist, to ensure nothing is missed and you get that deposit back. We recommend asking friends and family to help with this big job, it could take most of a day to get the property into a state that passes the final move out examination your landlord or letting agent may carry out.

Things to remember
Your landlord or letting agent can’t force you to hire a cleaning company but it is your responsibility to get the property back to the state it was when you first moved in.

Find your inventory from when you first moved in and check that what is noted down for each room matches up. Inventories are usually very thorough, noting every mark or any damage already in the property, so if you fix any of these issues it should go in your favour!

When to carry out end of tenancy cleaning
It’s best to clean your rented property when you have moved all of your furniture and belongings out. This gives you a chance to see the room in its final state and spot what needs to be done or if any repairs are required.

You should also only attempt end of tenancy cleaning yourself if you have time between moving out and handing in your keys - moving is stressful enough, so you don’t want to rush that all important clean.

The best tools for the job:

●    Microfibre cloths - Dampen one for dusting and use the another to wipe smudges from glass and mirrors.
●    Multi-surface disinfectant cleaner - This can be used in both the kitchen and bathroom as well as wiping down surfaces such as dining tables and even plastic chairs.
●    Washroom cleaner - Best for use in the bathroom, use this to avoid spreading bacteria then throw away.
●    Viakal - This limescale remover is great on taps and to add shine to metal surfaces such as draining boards.
●    Drain cleaner - Use this to clear any clogged drains. Pour directly down the plug, leave and then rinse. 
●    Bleach - Pour down the toilet once this is clean, as well as down any drains that don’t need drain cleaner.
●    Window and glass cleaner - Use this on windows (inside and out) as well as any mirrors that are included in your tenancy agreement.
●    Broom - For sweeping paths and patios outside.
●    Vacuum - Essential for getting all debris up off the floors in your home.
●    Floor cleaner - Use this on tiled and laminate floors to ensure they are completely clean.
●    Protective gloves - Disposable rubber gloves will protect your hands when dealing with harsh chemicals.
●    Bin liners - For any rubbish you find while cleaning.
●    Carpet cleaner and stain remover - If you want to clean your carpet yourself you need high quality cleaner. 
●    Mould remover - Usually available in spray form, you could also use bleach to remove any mould.

DIY jobs
Perhaps you hung some pictures or there is a mark on the wall that won’t come off, this means it may be time to do a little DIY to ensure you get that deposit back. Here are some small things you can do:
Jobs you may need to hire a professional for
Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you may not be able to get the job done as well as someone who does it for a living and has all the expert tools at the ready. Here are some cleaning jobs you may need to pay someone else to do.
Tip: Protect yourself when using a professional service

It’s important if you hire someone to carry out cleaning work for you that you ask for a receipt of proof of their service. It’s also a good idea to take before and after pictures as evidence of the work being carried out so your landlord or letting agent can’t claim it hasn’t been carried out.

It can help to ask your landlord or letting agent who they would use and getting a quote from them. You are not obliged to use them but it can increase your chances of getting your deposit back in full as they will be trusted by the landlord to carry out work to a standard they expect.

Things you might miss:
End of tenancy cleaning checklist and print out
To make things easier, we’ve put together a round up of these tasks to complete that you can tick off as you go - this is also available as a printout here. Not every task will apply to you or be necessary, so just cross these out.

Front of property
You will need:  To do: 
Vacuum 1. Wipe down front door, hinge and ledge.
Microfibre cloth 2. Sweep pathway or driveway.
Floor cleaner  3. Tidy up any flower beds.
Lawnmower 4. Mow front lawn. 
Broom  5. Clean the glass on any windows and wipe down frames.
Window cleaner   
You will need:  To do: 
Microfibre cloth 1. Wipe down skirting boards, door frames and radiators.
Vacuum 2. Wipe down the inside of front door.
Carpet shampoo and stiff brush or hired carpet cleaner 3. Vacuum.
  4. Shampoo carpet or clean tiles/laminate with floor cleaner.
You will need:  To do: 
Microfibre cloth 1. Wipe skirting on stairs and banisters.
Vacuum 2. Use extension on vacuum to reach cobwebs on landing ceiling above stairs.
Carpet shampoo and stiff brush or hired carpet cleaner 3. Vacuum stairs.
  4. Shampoo carpet or wipe each step down.
You will need:  To do: 
Cleaning cloth  1. Ensure cupboards and drawers are clear then wipe inside with a damp cloth.
Multi-purpose cleaner  2. Wipe top of cupboards with damp cloth.
Bleach  3. Spray sides with multi-purpose cleaner and wipe.
Viakal limescale cleaner  4. Spray tiles with multi-purpose cleaner and wipe down.
Vacuum 5. Thoroughly clean any appliances that came with the property.
Window cleaner  6. Clean the oven if you are not hiring a professional.
Microfibre cloth 7. Spray the sink and taps with limescale remover, leave to soak then wipe down.
Floor cleaner  8. Wipe down hob and front of oven.
Drain cleaner 9. Pour drain cleaner down sink.
  10. Wipe down skirting boards
  11. Vacuum - get behind appliances and under cupboards if possible.
  12. Clean floor.
Living room 
You will need:  To do: 
Microfibre cloth 1. Wipe down door frames and skirting boards.
Vacuum 2. Clean any scuffs off walls.
Carpet shampoo and stiff brush or hired carpet cleaner 3. Use vacuum attachment to clear any cobwebs from corners and ceiling.
Laminate floor cleaner  4. Clean any mirrors or glass (windows and doors) in the living room.
5. Vacuum
Window and glass cleaner  6. Clean carpet or laminate flooring.
You will need:  To do: 
Microfibre cloth 1. Clean skirting boards and door frames.
Vacuum 2. Wipe any scuffs from walls.
Carpet shampoo and stiff brush or hired carpet cleaner 3. Use vacuum to remove any cobwebs.
Laminate floor cleaner  4. Clean windows and any mirrors.
Window and glass cleaner  5. Use vacuum attachment to dust bed frame and mattress, if provided by landlord.
  6. Clean carpet or laminate flooring.
You will need:  To do: 
Microfibre cloths 1. Spray washroom cleaner around bath and sink, leave to soak then wipe off.
Washroom cleaner  2. Use damp cloth to wipe down sides, shelves, radiator, toilet cistern and around skirting boards.
Bleach  3. Use a separate cloth to clean the  toilet.
Viakal limescale cleaner  4. Wipe down any plumbing behind the toilet.
Drain cleaner 5. Spray tiles with washroom cleaner then wipe. 
Window and glass cleaner  6. Spray any mould, leave to soak then wipe away.
Vacuum 7. Use Viakal on limescale build up on taps and shower head, leave to soak then wipe clean.
Floor cleaner  8. Bleach toilet and close lid.
  9. Clean mirrors and windows with glass cleaner and wipe.
  10. Vacuum - behind toilet and sink.
  11. Clean floor.
You will need:  To do: 
Garden tools (various including rake and small spade) 1. Spray weed killer the day before if possible then pull up weeds.
Lawnmower 2. Rake up any rubbish or dead leaves and throw these away.
Broom 3. Mow lawn.
Weed killer 4. Brush down patios, walkways and decking.
  5. Clean out the shed and sweep.

What to think about when moving into a new rented property

If you are moving to another rented property, it’s worth thinking about this end of tenancy clean now. Take your own pictures - ensure they have correct time and stamps - when moving in of any dirt or damage and ask that this is added to the inventory.

Make an effort to give your property a deep clean every month and ensure you stay on top of things such as the oven, kitchen appliances and limescale in the bathroom.

Ready to get that property clean? Use this checklist to ensure your property is clean and ready for inspection. Taking the time to clean every room and following the steps above will improve your chances of getting your deposit back and moving onto your next home stress-free and with some cash in your pocket.

If you are looking for more cleaning tips to get your house gleaming in no time, check out The Ultimate House Cleaning Schedule Checklist on our Cleaning Checklist Hub.

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