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Combur Urine Test Strips

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  • Reliable diagnosis - Even minute pathological changes in the urine cause distinct color changes in the test fields. This makes urine testing with Combur-Test® strips the first step on the way to a reliable diagnosis in both clinics and practices.
  • High sensitivity.
  • Resistance to ascorbic acid - Combur-Test® strips are protected by iodate against ascorbic acid interference with both glucose and hemoglobin determinations eliminating virtually false-negative results and the need to recollect and retest specimens.
  • Economic efficiency - Combur-Test® strips can be stored at room temperature up to 2 years. The integrated desiccant in the stopper cap minimizes costly reagent waste.
  • Maximum reading convenience - Combur-Test® strips allow to simultaneously read all reagent pads between 1 and 2 minutes while the long strip handle keeps fingers clear of the specimen.
TA4350B Combur 3 Test x 50
TA4366B Combur 4N Test x 50
TA4365B Combur 7 Test x 100
TA4367B Combur 9 Test x 50
TA4360B Combur 9 Test x 100
TA4368B Combur 10 Test x 100

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